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Pain Management - Prescription Drugs & Therapy

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Advanced Foot Clinic prides itself on reducing pain within the feet or lower legs. Prescription pain medication along with other therapies can be a great pain management solution depending on the severity of the problem. Our number one goal is for every patient to walk away pain free. 

If you are in pain please call Advanced Foot Clinic today for all your feet, ankle or lower leg problems. 

What are my Treatment Options?

When a patient is in pain or walking becomes difficult, a doctor may find it necessary to prescribe pain medications along with physical therapy. Some of these may include: 

  • Physical therapy of the feet and/or prescribed foot supports: A Physical therapist or your Podiatrist can be used to improve joint and muscle functioning. Orthotics are another method that can be successful.
  • Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications: Injections such as  non-steroidal and steroidal (for example, cortisone injections) drugs can be used and are great for reducing swelling and pain.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain in the foot or lower-legs, contact Advanced Foot Clinic today to learn more about your pain management options. A skilled Podiatrist is equipped to either minimize or eliminate your pain.

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