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Flatfoot Treatment

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When the arch of the foot fails then flatfoot occurs. This happens when the tendon connected to the posterior tibial muscle (muscle designed for holding the arch within the foot) is damaged through illness or injury.  This can be corrected through surgery which will repair the tendon along with improving the bone alignment in order to give the patient stability when they are performing everyday activities such as walking or running.

Why Should I treat Flatfoot?

Flatfoot isn't always a problem, but it it is possible that flatfoot will lead to serious problems throughout the rest of the  body. This can occur in the legs, hips, ankles, and/or lower back.  Flatfoot does not always get worse over a period of time, but it is possible that it could lead to various other issues such as:

  • Arthritis within the foot and/or ankle
  • Can cause Bunions and/or Hammertoes
  • May cause Corns and/or Calluses
  • Walking and/or Running may become difficult
  • Knee pain is possible
  • Lower back pain is common
  • Swelling or Pain can occur in the heel and arch

These symptoms can be addressed with medications, but the best solution is to repair the tendon with surgery to ensure the best long term results. Contact Advanced Foot Clinic today if you need advice on how to address your Flatfoot.

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