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Bunion Surgery

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When the joint becomes enlarged at the base of the big toe and creates pain, then it may be necessary to perform surgery in order to reduce the pain within the foot and improve the patients quality of life. This is call Bunion Surgery.

There are many different types and variations that go along with bunion surgery. For the most part, bunion surgery usually involves the removal or sometimes the realignment of soft tissue and bone near the toe joint. The joint can be stabilized with wires, screws, stitches or other methods if it has become deformed.

How do I know if I need Bunion Surgery?

If all else fails during the treatment of the bunion then Bunion Surgery may be warranted. Issues that typically require treatment and/or Bunion surgery include:

  • Chronic Swelling and/or Toe Inflammation
  • Deformities within the Toes
  • Stiff Toe Joint causing Pain and/or Mobility
  • Severe Foot Pain affecting Quality of Life

When medications don't work to eliminate the pain that goes with a bunion deformity then bunion surgery may be needed. Call Dr. A to decide if Bunion Surgery is the best route for you.

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