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Athlete’s Foot Treatment

When fungal infection occurs on the feet (typically in-between the toes) this is known as Athlete's Foot. In some cases Athlete's Foot can be treated with over-the-counter medication. If you find that your Athlete's Foot keeps coming back then it may be necessary to seek out a Podiatrist to help eliminate the infection.

What are Reasons for treatment of Athlete's Foot?

As mentioned treating Athlete's foot can be done at home, but if you find the skin is not clearing up within a few weeks or that the infection keeps coming back then it may be best to seek out a Podiatrist. It is never advisable to leave Athlete's Foot untreated. 

At Advanced Foot Clinic the treatment of athlete’s foot varies depending on the type of fungal infection and the seriousness of the infection. The best results come with early treatment before the fungus has taken hold of the foot.

Should I get Prescription Medication?

If over-the-counter medication does not get rid of the Athlete's foot, then Dr. A may recommend prescription medications. It is important to note that your Athlete's Foot may disappear very quickly after taking the medication but it is very important to continue with the treatment plan in prevent the fungal infection from coming back.

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