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Arthroscopy surgery is a great method to treating bone spurs, restoring cartilage damage, removing scar tissue and for finding unexplained ankle pain. This is a surgical procedure that is used to see and/or treat problems within the ankle joints. Small fiber optic cameras along with surgical tools are used to find and remove any debris.

Arthroscopy surgery is the most used method of many Podiatrists to diagnosis and treat ankle problems for it produces little scarring and has little risk of infection.

How is Arthroscopy surgery performed?

General or local anesthesia is given and then small insicions are made near the ankle joint. The arthroscope is then inserted which has a small camera and light attached at the end so that it can tranfer the images back to a TV monitor to provide a visual representation of the ankle joint.

If Dr. A detects any damage to any of the joints then small surgical tools are used to remove any debris. The tools are then used to repair the joint. The benefit of Arthroscopy surgery is recovery is much faster and less painful then open ankle surgery. 

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