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Ankle Surgery

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Ankle Surgery in Portland and Salem, Oregon 

Dr. A has been performing all phases of Podiatric medicine for many years and can help patients determine whether they need additional treatment such as ankle surgery. 

What are the Reasons for Ankle treatment?

Ankle treatment may be needed if serious ankle problems do not respond to non-surgical treatment. Ankle surgery may be the next step to help any deformities within the ankle and may relieve any stiffness, joint pain and help to increase your quality of life.  

In some cases ankle surgery is the only way of restoring the foot and/or ankle back to normal health.

How is ankle surgery performed?

There are many types of ankle surgery and determining the best course of action is a delicate process. One type of treatment involves a fusion of the tibia and talus - otherwise known as an ankle fusion procedure. This is performed by making small incisions near the front of the ankle to remove joint cartilage. In order to allow the bones to heal in their proper alignment rods or screws will be placed in the ankle.  

Arthritis or an injury can cause degeneration of the ankle and when this occurs an ankle replacement procedure may be warranted. This is corrected by removing the ankle joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. 

Other types of procedures may be necessary. Anytime there are deformities of the ankle it needs to be addressed quickly As with any surgery, phyicial therapy may be necessary to strengthen the ankle. 

Consult with Dr. A at Advanced Foot Clinic to learn more about the different types of ankle surgery available in Portland and Salem, Oregon.

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