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Achilles Surgery Information

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The Achilles tendon is very important when it comes to things like jumping, walking or running. This rope-like band of tissue that sits behind the ankle connects the calf muscle and the heel bone.  

If the Achilles tendon is torn then surgery is required in order to reattach the tendon. 

How is Achilles surgery performed?

When an achilles is ruptured or torn then surgery is generally required to reattach the torn tendon and put it back in it's original position. When operating to reattach the Achilles tendon a small incision is made in the bag of the leg in order to identify where the tear has been made and stitch it back together.  

Typically, surgeons will wait until a reduction of swelling occurs after injuring the Achilles tendon. This process can take up to a week. After surgery, Dr. A will issue a walking boot or cast that will be worn for up to eight weeks. Thereafter, physical therapy is performed to increase the strength in the leg muscles and help repair the tendon. 

How do I know if I tore my Achilles tendon?

If you feel a sudden snap and/or pop in your heel followed by pain, it is possible that you may have torn your Achilles tendon. If you feel you have ruptured or torn your Achilles tendon - please call Dr. A today.

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