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Podiatric Physical Examination

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Are you having problems doing daily activities such as normal walking, standing or even sleeping due to pain or discomfort in your feet, ankles or lower legs? A Podiatrist can provide you with a series of tests and exams and provide you with a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.  

Do I have a need for a physical exam of the foot, ankle or lower legs?

If you are feeling persistent pain - this is not normal. Undergoing a physical examination can provide you with a treatment plan to help you achieve some of the daily activities you may be limited to currently. Some conditions of the feet, ankle or lower legs may get worse if not properly treated.

What does a Podiatric physical exam entail?

At Advanced Foot Clinic a podiatric physical examination will be various examinations of your feet, ankles and lower legs. A routine exam will usually include a hands-on examination where Dr. A will look for abnormalities and / or any areas that may be tender. Other things will include:

  • Mobility test of the feet and ankle 
  • Muscle strength will be checked for any abnormalities
  • Test for stability of the ankle
  • Walking gait - looking for abnormal stepping patterns
  • Skin Condition will be examed
  • Health of the toe nails
  • Shape of the foot will be evaluated for any deformities or abnormalities
  • Shoes may be evaluated for admormal wearing patterns

Other tests may be performed if Dr. A suscpects any conditions that can't be identified by a visual or physical examination. 

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort related to the feet, ankles or lower legs call Advanced Foot Clinic today and let us help you get back on your feet.

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