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PAD Testing

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How do I know if I Need a Test for PAD?


Peripheral Arterial Disease, otherwise known as PAD, is a very serious circulatory problem that occurs in the blood vessels. This happens when the blood vessels that carry your blood to various parts of the body like the arms, legs, brain & kidneys become clogged or narrow in size. This disease has affected over 8 million United States citizens and targets the elderly, typically age fifty and older. Patients can experience discomfort or pain in the legs when walking and / or have leg sores/ulcers. Strokes and / or diffuclty controlling your blood pressure may be other syptoms associated with PAD. Patients who have PAD are at a significantly higher risk for strokes and heart attacks. Below is a guide to help you determine if you are at risk for PAD and whether a vascular exam is appropriate. 



  • Are you feeling any discomfort in your feet, calves, buttocks, thigh or hip when you walk?
  • Are you experiencing any pain in your feet or lower legs while you are sleeping or resting?
  • Do you have any discoloring in your toes or feet - are they bluish? 
  • Does your skin have healing problems or are there any ulcers on your feet that are slow to heal?
  • Have you suffered any major trauma to the feet or your legs?
  • Are there any infections on the legs or feet that you feel may be gangrenous or black skin tissue?


If you feel you have any of these symptons please call Advanced Foot Clinic today.

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