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At Advanced Foot Clinic we dedicate our lives to treating patient ailments of the foot, ankle and lower leg by providing information that can help patients prevent any future problems. Our goal is to provide pain free solutions.

Advanced Foot Clinic - Professional Foot Care Solutions

At Advanced Foot Clinic we concentrate on nothing but Podiatry. If a primary care physician diagnoses a patient with a foot, ankle or lower leg issue - many patients choose to call a specialist to ensure they are getting a skilled podiatrist that can treat their problems effectively.

At Advanced Foot Clinic, Dr. A's  focus is only podiatry. Dr. A has had training and many years of experience focusing on nothing but understanding the conditions of the feet, ankles, and lower legs, allowing Dr. A to better understand the full spectrum of these parts of the body. With many years of experience, Dr. A is able to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases, and other conditions of your feet, ankles, and lower legs better than a primary care physician.

Get Personalized Care from Dr. A

At Advanced Foot Clinic we treat every case differently, even when their are similar conditions. Dr. A gets a complete picture of every patient including lifestyle needs, medical conditions, podiatry diseases and / or deformities to ensure a proper diagnosis is implemented. In some cases recommended footwear can be a simple solution.

Your feet are more complex than you would imagine and need to be treated with care and attention. Dr. A never rushes a patient through treatment. In fact, we believe in providing continuing education to ensure you are pain free along with the best treatment and care that you deserve. 

Walk Away Your Pain With Dr. A

Foot pain can not be ignored. At Advanced Foot Clinic we take our work seriously and strive to make every patient pain free. Our practice focuses on providing pain free solutions (such as needle free injections) in order to make every visit a positive one.  

We recommend that you do not wait to call us - don't gamble with the health of your feet. Call Dr. A today and we will provide you with the latest treatment and solutions. Walk Away Your Pain with Dr. A today.

Quality Treatment

Professionals dedicated to providing the best care possible for active feet.