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Fungal Nail Treaments

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Toenail Fungus Treatments:

There are many ways in which your nails would be affected with fungus.  During this process fungus affects the nail bed and could spread to affect the rest of the toe nails.  At Advanced Foot Clinic, we offer many ways of treating this condition.



One of the traditional ways of treating the nail fungus is through Lamisil tablets.  This is taken orally, however, it may cause liver damage.  It is a six week course of Lamisil tablets taken orally.  However, you would have to have a liver test (blood test) to make sure your livers are healthy.


Topical Oil:

Formula is an oil that the patient would apply on their nails two times a day, once before shower in the morning and once before bed time.  This is a less expensive way of treating the condition and our patients have seen great results with this product.


Laser Nail:

This is the most effective course of action for treating your nail fungus.  Your nails are debrided and laser is applied to the affected nails.  By debriding them, the laser beam will be applied to the root of the fungus.    This procedure is not painful and the patient should not feel any discomfort.    The procedure takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  There is no recovery time.    In some cases, a second treatment might be beneficial.  Healthy nail growth could be seen within 6 months to one year.  This is the most effective treatment for fungal nail.

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